Single review: Gabrielle Sey 'White Noise'

I love this job! Well it's more of a passion/job/utter joy! When I first heard the voice of Gabrielle Sey (today) I had to drop everything and write about this single. I have literally not been as excited about an artists voice, since I first heard Celeste's about 2 years ago.

If you're a fan of afro-beats, soul or RnB then you are going to love this ladies music. South Londoner Sey describes her sound “like a round trip from London to Accra with a stop-off at a Cali Sunday Service”.

The rhythm, range and tone of her voice alone is something to behold - mix into to the beautiful cocktail of instruments she's using and you have something that is quite frankly sensational!

Gabrielle Sey - Photography by Tayo Lee Nelson

Speaking about the single, Gabrielle said, “'White Noise' is influenced by my experience dealing with unwanted opinions and advice from family, friends and loved ones whenever I choose to make a decision in my life. Although the comments are rooted in love, at times for myself and for others it can feel overwhelming - especially when having to respect what they say as your elders. I always found it strange and have often wondered if I will end up doing the same thing to my kids when they come of age. In some ways it also feels like a hidden tradition that needs to passed down; but it’s still frustrating. So to put it bluntly the song is what I would “politely” say in response to these beloved people in my life”.

I've also gone and listened to her back catalogue and 'White Noise' isn't a one off. Every release so far is not only going to make you want to dance (maybe not 'Feel Your Love') it also offers you something utterly and uniquely mesmeric - I love it!

Summing this track up in one word - astonishing!

For fans of Poppy Ajudha, Lava La Rue, Celeste, Cleo Soul, IYAMAH, Lianne La Havas, Jorja Smith

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