Single review - Grace Savage 'Tracy'

Grace Savage is one of the most uber talented individuals that I've encountered during my time with Dreaminisfree. She's a four time UK Beat Boxing Champion, actor, film maker and her song writing is just phenomenal.

Her new single 'Tracy' is written for a cowgirl she met when she was 13, in Wyoming, filming with her family for the BBC Programme “Holiday Swap”.

Written with long time collaborator Ben Cartwright, the song she reflects on her feelings for Tracy, that only became apparent years later, when she fell in love with a girl for the first time. It’s a story of sexual awakening in hindsight; both a letter to her younger self and an affirmation of identity as an adult.

Whilst she retains her signature sound, this is the most heartfelt song she's released to date. You know those feelings you get in the first stages of falling in love? You loose sense of time and space and it's as if this person is the centre of the universe? Savage captures all of those emotions in this track. The more you listen the deeper a chord it strikes.

“I have been releasing music for 4 years now and have always written about my sexuality in abstract/metaphoric or generic ways but this is the first time I have spoken about another woman in a song so explicitly. It is a song and memory that is very close to my heart. I hope people connect with it. I hope Tracy is still out there riding horses and being bad ass. I hope the BBC don’t mind me using footage from a 2002 episode of holiday swap for the music video. I’d love this song to reach her somehow. Hashtag Find Tracy?!”

Summing this track up in one word - heartfelt

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