Single Review: Holiday In Tokyo 'The Swing'

As a music journalist when a band reaches out to you and asks you review their work, it can be frustrating when they send you little or no information. Press releases or EPK's just make it easier for us to write a review of the track. Everything we want to know about you, your influences, your social links etc is all there.

When Holiday In Tokyo reached out to me their email read - Here's our single "The Swing" if you fancy a listen. A chilled out track about the political confusion that comes with growing up in a steel work town 😊 hope you enjoy. (They included the link and their Facebook link)

Being pushed for time and having to go digging to get information on a band it's easier to skip these emails and I'll be honest, I've gone to emails I've received later then this one for ease and for relevance as well - 'The Swing' released April 11 and not receiving the email until July 7, meant that the opportunity to support this as a new release had passed.

It's funny though because rather than file this in the missed opportunities folder, I've left it in my inbox for weeks.

Recent weeks have seen my network extend massively partly down to COVID19, and partly down to us all having to network online. But I also think it has to do with my increased output. I've also recently connected with a the lovely Laura and Jay who represent artists in the North East (I'm from the North East originally), so by default I've started to become more aware of the bands emerging from that neck of the woods.

What has this all got to do with Holiday in Tokyo and this review?

Well, they're from Consett, County Durham, in the North East. Characterised by our regional pride, hard working ethos and the downplaying of our achievements. Hard graft whilst not seeking validation or the approval of others, is part of our DNA.

As a Lo-Fi band, Holiday In Tokyo are choosing a genre of music that is never going to be listened to by the masses. They're playing music that they love, bearing their soul, for no other reason than it brings them joy. Sharing our joy and our passions with others, our purest form of self expression, is where we become most vulnerable. But it's also where we're at our most beautiful. Holiday In Tokyo with their single 'The Swing' have created something that is exactly that.

Understated, vulnerable and completely beautiful. I've listened to their latest single 'Drift Away' which I could've written about. Their back catalogue has some real gems too, go and listen to 'Indecisive', it's a particularly gorgeous track.

Music doesn't have to punch you in the face or transport you somewhere totally different. Sometimes it feels like an old friend, a familiar place, an arm around the shoulder, home. 'The Swing' has a certain nostalgia that leaves me thinking about exactly that.

I also love their bio on Spotify.

We're a north-east based group inspired by Lo-Fi indie. Our aim is to spread a simple message: "If us idiots can put something together, so can you!" Get writing, get recording, get playing.

8/10 - Exquisitely understated!

Holiday In Tokyo




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