Single review: Holy Drone 'Fibres'

If psychedelic dream-pop with vocals that journey you to astral plane is your kind of vibe then you need to get your ears around Holy Drone's new single 'Fibres.

The Warrington quintet’s noise laden psych sound has piqued people’s interests from far flung parts of the world, and listening to this single and the rest of their back catalogue it's easy to hear why.

The song was written during a period in lockdown when the sun was shining and the band started to gain a shred of optimism about lockdown and the semblance of normality we found ourselves in (sobs).

'Fibres’ opens with Emma Taylor’s signature vocals, intertwined with a gorgeous riff that really creates something of a transcendental experience for the listener.

Summing this track up in one word - soaring

For fans of Falcon Jane, Purple Heart Parade, Hazels Maze, Is Bliss, Helicon

Holy Drone




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