Single review - Honeylux 'God, Buddha & Me'

You ever have a shitty day, when you want to crawl into bed and just hideaway from the world? I had a day like that recently and I heard Honeyflux's latest single 'God, Buddha & Me' and with every second that passed I could feel the clouds of despair lifting.

I could wax lyrical about the absolutely stunning arrangement of this track, about the pure raw energy, the emotional guitar solo with a bass line that envelopes it like silk. But instead just put on a set of headphones and bathe your ears in four minutes and forty seconds of pure fucking magic!

‘God, Buddha & Me’ is track that not only looks at the way we’re all as living creatures, but also discusses the morals of our social construct using religion as a template for sexist ideologies that are ingrained into our culture. The track questions why we see our religious icons as just men and how the influence of women is in fact one of the biggest aspects of our lives. ‘God, Buddha & Me’ speaks mostly in metaphors; flightless angels, love and how all spirituality is linked and unifies us as living creatures. Resolving by tying everything together with a verse about how we’re all ‘growing on the same dying tree’, this line is reflective of how we’re all part of the same world, universe and source.

Summing this track up in one word - heavenly!

For fans of Steely Dan Pixies The War on Drugs The Flaming Lips

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