Single review: JCK - Stranger To Call

I'm a big fan of JCK ever since Joe, the brother of Jack JCK's frontman reached out to me on Instagram as he saw I did a music blog.

I saw them support Dolphin Centre along with Hurray For Tuesday at Gullivers NQ and then just 6 months later support Suave Martyrs, along with Rolla and Reardon Love at Academy 3.

In those short 6 months, I've watched them grown in confidence and stature, the lads asked me to manage them a few months ago and I jumped at the chance. I believe in these lads with every fibre of my being!

JCK got to work with the incredible producer Bob Cooper at The Chairworks Studios a few months ago and have been itching to bring you their third single Stranger To Call. This is definitely their biggest release yet!

It starts of with Jack's catchy riffs are a pure joy, Harrison's bass line that's funky as fuck ragga/ska infused bassline and I've said it before, Harry is just an incredible drummer. He did this in one take - he's a machine!

I'm absolutely hooked on this track - I was streaming it at midnight on its release and when I woke up this morning it was in my head.

I want the world to hear this track because not only is it a phenomenal track; but JCK are the nicest, most genuine lads you could ever meet.

Speaking about the track before is release frontman Jack Parker said, ”This track for me, comes from the time of writing track after track, locked away in the bathroom of my mums house. The place where I’d get lost in the art that I’m obsessed with; but I would always ask myself the same question; Whether people would want to know, what I have to say. I touch on my trials and tribulations, and now share them with you as fuck off to the insidious dark corners off my mind - I’m done with doubt, I needed to be liberated”.

JCK are focused on building their community. JCK don't care who you are, where you're from or who you love - it's all about the music. JCK are more than a band - they're a movement.

JCK - Harrison Tracey & Jack Parker - pic dreaminisfree

As frontman Jack Parker puts it, " You're the engine behind the project, we just pen the tracks, smile and wave".

Now that's a movement I can get behind!

You can stream the track here the video with lyrics is below.


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