Single review: Jess Kemp with We Were Falling

I've been a fan of Jess Kemp ever since I saw her perform at YANA Festival in Manchester last year, so when she reached out to me to ask to review her new track it really was a no brainer!

For those of you who don't know Jess, or haven't heard her before she's a singer songwriter from Manchester who's been a regular for a few years now at Kendal Calling, Bluedot and Irlam Festival. She was also a nominee for ‘Best Unsigned Female’ in the Best Of British Unsigned Music Awards. Other achievements include being named a finalist of Indie Week Europe and Key 103’s Future Stars.

We Were Falling her brand new single released today is an absolutely gorgeous track and definitely an anthem for lovers.

It makes me think of happier times, being with my girlfriend (due to Covid_19 we're apart at the moment) in Malta just before the virus broke. You know when you're so into a person that everything else seems blurred? This is the emotion I'm taken to when I listen to this song.

It's definitely a song for lovers, whomever you love. It's about tenderness, compassion and learning to grow through, what you're going through.

You know those movies where the protagonist has fallen out with their love? Reflecting on the times they've had; knowing that they're ready to throw caution to the wind and follow their heart? Well this is that track!

The more I listen to it the more I fall in love with it. It's a dreamy, hopeful, happy tune and I can't get enough of it!

Speaking to Jess before the track was released Jess told me, I’m so excited about this one, it feels good to have the new music bug once again and there’s so many exciting things lined up for this song! This track is extra special because to me and I really hope that the listeners can relate to the story line in some way! I wanted to make a music video for this track to symbolise the experience that I went through in my own life and Della and Rachel (the two girls in the video) have done such an amazing job at bringing that story to life. Metaphorically, think of it like this, a bump in a relationship creates a very dark, dull and monochrome world. As we move through the video and the girls become closer to finding each other the world slowly starts finding its colours again, almost like being reborn into a happier and more uplifting tale. It’s definitely a track for Road Trips, Holidays and Summer.”

You can listen to We Were Falling here

To celebrate the new single Jess is streaming a live gig tonight from 8 pm via this link

The video also premiers on YouTube at 9 pm tonight - (see below)

Jess's socials are Website Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube

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