Single Review: Kanda - Never The Same

The last few months have seen the Black Lives Matter movement gathering momentum, after millions of people reacted to the sickening murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police.

16-year-old Kanda has a unique style of sung-wrap. His lyrical storytelling gives the audience an insight into social problems that KANDA feels most connected to. These topics are relevant to the current societal situations and this is what sparked the creation of ‘Never The Same’.

“Being a singer-songwriter, I have been working on a project to express my thoughts and emotions about society and its attitudes towards people of colour. Black Lives Matter, and we, as a community must do better to make a change and love one another. Rest in Peace

George Floyd and countless others who have suffered at the hands of the injustice of racial profiling and police brutality. I hope my music too can make a difference” Kanda said before 'Never The Same' was released.

This is an incredibly painful, visceral song goes through the attitudes towards black people as well as Kanda's own experiences.

Please share this song far and wide - this young man has a message that needs to be heard.





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