Single review: Kellindo - Summertime (remixes)

This is the first time that I've had a track to review with five different versions/remixes of the same track and I love challenging myself as a writer and musical fan as well.

'Summertime' is a collaboration between independent UK label Quickfix Recordings and Janelle Monae’s guitarist & multi-instrumentalist NYC singer-songwriter Kellindo. But as I said these are remixes - five of them so many different versions of the song that some wouldn't know where to start..

In my youth I was a clubber. Living in Essex at that time, me and my mates would shoot down the A12 to other parts of Essex, and London. I remember going to Fabric in the first month of its opening, but one of my favourite clubs in London was Baggley's near Kings Cross Station. I loved the amount of rooms in that place and how you'd have a drum and bass room, a jungle room, a happy house room, a trance room and the usual chilled room - let's face it most clubs had these, but for some reason these remixes going through them reminded me of that feeling you get when you're trying to choose your room, your vibe for the night and of Baggley's because of the vibe of the remixes.

These remixes from different producers who come from a diverse range of dance music and EDM, give you that exact feeling. From the retro synth-wave of The Subtheory via the fiesta feel of Lee Christian’s Fun Has Begun Remix - to the drum ’n’ bass mania of the JUICY RMX, with the emotive string led remix of newcomer JHawk and closing out with the sun-baked hip-hop of Half Decent’s remix, it almost feels like being at a dance festival! This is doubly true for the Quickfix Bandcamp exclusive version which has 3 bonus tracks, the upbeat pop dance of Cornwall's Vincent Vega, sparse drum 'n' bass from Hawk1ng and avant garde experimental electronica from EJ Gunk.

As an early taste of Kellindo’s new direction as a solo artist, the original 'Summertime' (which you should check out if you haven’t heard it yet) is a lush whilst epic soul rocker, that provides a plethora of gorgeous instruments - it's a remixers and tinkers paradise. Summertime is sizzling and the remixes are the perfect enhancements for this great track.

8/10 - Scorchio!







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