Single review: Kopper - Fake It/How Can You Be Sure

Artwork: Fake It/How Can You Be Sure - Kopper

Kopper are a London based 3-piece making high octane fuelled, walls of noise!

I'm a bit late to the party on this one, but having encountered Kopper this week through our mutual friends The Palpitations, I listened to their latest release Double A side Fake It/How Can You Be Sure. They can now consider me a fan.

Mixed at Magpie Studios and mastered by Dion Lunadon (A Place to Bury Strangers). The tracks warrant an attack on the modern selfish human behaviour, questioning the structure of glamour versus it’s resulting disillusion.

'Fake it' is based on the despondent culture surrounding Fyre Festival, the band explain: “we were really inspired by the idea of corporations faking wealth to acquire wealth, and how few people question this. The track reflects a conformity of this new way of releasing music in the modern age, where the music often comes second-place to presentation, where faking it until you make it is often widely accepted - Jon Williams of Kopper states: “in reality we all are struggling artists that are constantly fighting an uphill battle for the attention of others.”

Fake it is definitely the gentler of the two tracks, I can imagine this one being on and singing along with my mates - it's got a great chant from the crescendo of the song to the end that is making me rather tearful. Reminding me of being with my friends and happier times - a soundtrack without a party.

'How Can You Be Sure?’ is a self-described “Unapologetic and cutting attack on human behaviour - it’s our way of investigating the norms around us, allowing us to take note of who is exploitative, in a world where glamour & fame often hosts a shady background of polarisation. The song points out the spectrum of shifting morality within people. Ultimately, the track asks how individuals should be wary of the hypocrisy within public figures who often speak with changing degrees of accuracy, and believe to be in a divine right to only be correct".

This song is my favourite of the two (that is allowed), it's definitely more up my street. Pummelling riffs, crashing symbols and a guitar solo that hurtles towards a cliff ending, that leaves you feeling like your life just flashed before your eyes!

The bands debut Winter Sun showed a much gentler side, so much so I said, "Oh Wow", when I first heard it. It is rather beautiful.

Fading Fires their debut EP also has 4 more great tracks - but I'll let you listen to those.






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