Single review - Lissy Taylor 'Young'

'Young' is the latest single release from singer-songwriter Lissy Taylor and whilst it's been out since May 13th, its still a song from an artist that I feel is worthy to bring to your attention.

Firstly the track was produced by Gareth Nutall (Frank Turner, Lottery Winners, The K’s), so if your fans of these bands they you should know she's in great company and working with this producer for a very good reason.

Secondly, the accompanying self-directed music video is drenched in a refreshing sense of youthful optimism, spontaneity and is has a real freshness in the way it's been shot - I can literally smell the salt air!

And thirdly ‘Young' is the first of 4 tracks to be released in 2022 - meaning that this track is just a taste of what's to come from this incredible artist.

The single is bursting with soaring guitar riffs and warm, honeyed vocals. Remember the first really sunny day post-lockdown? Seeing all your friends, the hugs, the conversation, the laughs and all that free vitamin d? That's the glowing feeling you get from this track. As the world emerges from the last few years of isolation; Lissy appears to be embracing an unlocked world with a fevered drive for passionate, feel-good music.

Lissy said about the single “Young embodies escapism, hope and untamed energy.” When I

wrote ‘Young’ I wanted to write something that was uplifting and honest. I always write from

my personal experience. From moving to America in my teens to performing live or more

recently learning to surf my association with youth is largely memories of facing my fears.

Always going towards a challenge has massively shaped who I am considering I was

originally very shy before I got into music. I believe that being young is more than just age it’s a mindset. Giving yourself the freedom to change your mind and go after what you want. Not getting caught up in stress of yesterday and tomorrow instead being in the moment. Do the unexpected. Do things that scare you. Be daring, brave and bold."

Lissy's Sophomore EP ‘’Undercurrent’ was released in 2021 and debut EP ‘Wildflowers released in 2020. You should really give them a listen. A great start from an artist who has clearly been working on her talents in lockdown and is ready to take the world by storm!

Summing in this track up in onw word - invigorating!

Lissy Taylor


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