Single review: Lyrehound - Path We Choose

Every now and again I'm sent an absolute gem in my inbox and Manchester metal band Lyrehound are one of those gems.

I'm catching up on the material I've been sent these last few weeks and when I opened up Lyrehound's email and played 'Path We Choose' I could not stop smiling or listening This tune is fucking immense!

I'm sitting here having spent the last nine hours at my PC, and on the first listen I just had to type this up as soon as I heard it. This tune is an absolute, nailed on 1000% banger! No question.

This is stadium rock standard, from a garage band (for now). These guys based on this single could be as big as Blink 182, Skid Row, Metallica, Linkin park, Limp Bizkit, Sum 42 or Enter Shikari - I kid you not!

If you're a fan of rock with riffs that would make James Hetfield dribble; drumming that Nikki Sixx would be proud of and vocals that make your hairs stand on end; then Lyrehound are a band you need to listen to. Like now. This is not a drill! Go and listen!

I've also included the official video for 'Path We Choose', so you can watch as well as see what I'm on about.

Lyrehound are a band who are destined for absolute world domination, playing in front of tens of thousands of people - or my names not Debbie Cannon.







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