Single review: Madame So - 'You Say'

Madame So is Paris-born singer-songwriter based in London and released her latest single 'You Say' 31 July.

If you're a fan of Debbie Harry's attitude in 'Rip Her To Shreds, Courtney Love's riffs in 'Celebrity Skin' and L7's kick ass attitude in 'Pretend We're Dead' then you are going to love this song.

I love the punk riff, the bass is as fat and juicy as a water melon on a hot August Bank Holiday - lyrically it's as easy to understand as the lyrics of the punks heyday and I love that. There's a nostalgia to this track in style but this is very much something new.

I keep going back to this track again and again. There's a candour to her sound that's sometimes lacking with modern music. Beauty in simplicity. In her own words, "If I pushed your buttons, I've accomplished my mission".

You can stream 'You Say' in all the usual places.

8/10 - Engrossed!

Madame So








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