Single review: Mewn - No Country

If you've not heard of Mewn, they're Manchester based four piece, synthesiser driven alternative rock band. Citing Timber Timbre, Brian Eno and Neutral Milk Hotel amongst their influencers.

Mewn have spent the past two years honing their sound in a decrepit Manchester mill. Only emerging for the occasional jaunt to play Manchester’s post-punk scene; always returning with a stronger sense of their own identity.

They have now released their debut single 'No Country', combining the passion of early Arcade Fire, the piercing energy of the Pixies and the ethereal electronics of Brian Eno.

Speaking about the track before the release the band told me, "The track gives ‘different emotional perspectives on a character that society has left behind. Culminating in a cry of resignation that does not offer peace, but further struggle."

It has touches of real elegance and listening to it with headphones is definitely recommended.

Whisking you off to a celestial plain, you can feel yourself getting lost in the symphony of the synthesisers. The gorgeous crescendo of the song builds to an exquisite ending, reminiscent of a heartbeat - it certainly leaves you feeling somewhere familiar, yet utopian.

This is a fabulous debut.

If you're a fans of the likes of MGMT, The Orielles, Stealing Sheep and Girl Ray you're going to love this track.

The band have already teased us with the announcement that they intend to release an EP in the coming months. Promising to show off other sides to their multifaceted writing, I can't wait!

Their gig schedule was well and truly wiped clean for obvious reasons; but they're promising to emerge back onto the live scene with a show that’s as intense and moving as their debut would suggest.

If this is a taste of what's in store from Mewn then bring it on!





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