Single review: Michael Webster - Ibis Hotel

Manchester based singer/songwriter Michael Webster released his single 'Ibis Hotel/Collision Course' on 15th June his fourth double single, following the success of his previous releases.

Prior to lockdown Webster was a regular on the local music circuit, hosting open mics, performing and helping other musicians with gigs and promotions through his own record label Bread Records.

“I wrote Ibis Hotel a few weeks ago thinking about the lockdown and the mental pressures that it presents for some of us; the isolation kind of forces you to become comfortable in your own presence, and you start to realise how much you actually rely on friends and your community.” Webster told us before its release.

Ibis Hotel is written for a friend of Webster's who had been diagnosed with a life-changing condition; it slowly became a dedication to friendship and holding onto those good memories that keep you going. B-side, 'Collision Course', is a cover of Bolton based songwriter Toria Wooff.

It's definitely a melancholic song but these aren't exactly the brightest of times. Friendships and those relationships that keep us going are the things a lot of us are missing the most during lockdown. Those evenings whiling away our troubles, in the warmth of a pub with a mate over a pint are lost for now and despite the current proposals to open pubs again, its going to be a long time before things are anywhere near to the old "normal".

Until then 'Ibis Hotel' is a beautiful tribute to friendship, close relationships and not taking those people for granted.

Michael Webster - pic credit @lightstrikesfilm

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