Single review - MILLICENT 'Conversation Conservation'

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Anyone who reads this blog or follows Dreaminsifree on socials knows how passionate I am about mental health. Good Vibrations the series of interviews I run over on Instagram specifically highlight peoples experiences with mental health, who work in music.

So when the artist MILLICENT reached out to me earlier this week to see if I would like to support the release of her new single 'Conversation Conservation' (80% of revenue generated by streaming or downloads will be donated to Mind, Young Minds, the Mental Health Foundation and We Are Hummingbird) I jumped at the chance.

In all honesty I'd not listened to MILLICENT before so I went onto her Bandcamp and saw her debut EP 'Senses' was £5, so I purchased it.... In all honesty I was in awe of how incredible this young woman's voice is. Her playing of her acoustic guitar with intermittent strumming, picking and using the harmonics takes real skill, but what a voice - honestly guys this lady is incredible.

Onto her new single though 'Conversation Conservation' continues with a similar sound to 'Senses' in that it has a dreamy, lofty feel with a bass line that weaves in and out of the song - but again whilst the guitar is the main part of the song, Millie's voice at points has the space it so thoroughly deserves. It's a deeply personal song about MILLICENT's own journey with anxiety her “deceitfully comforting” inner monologue tricking her into fearing social interaction and


How you can make something so beautiful from something so painful is testament to Millie as a songwriter. Everyone who's worked on this project with her Tayte Nickols (Mad Fox Studios - Recorded/Produced/Mixed) Graeme Lynch (Two Zero Nine Mastering) and Jonny Edge (Cutting Edge Imagery - Video and Editing) have brought their A Game.

As 80% of the proceeds are going to such worthy causes then if you can please support her through Bandcamp and give as much as you can afford.

I'd keep your eyes open for MILLICENT - She has an incredibly bright future ahead of her!

For fans of Honeyblood; Dido; Annie Lennox; Anna Calvi; Amy MacDonald; Alanis Morrisette; The Cardigans; Tori Amos.

Summing this track up in one word beguiling


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