Single review - MINATORE 'Boys Tell Lies'

When a mate reached out to me and asked me to review MINATORE's new single, I said I would take a listen and I am so glad I did because this band are INCREDIBLE!

MINATORE are a a two piece grunge punk rock band from Nottingham and 'Boys Tell Lies' was released yesterday via Bandcamp (available on other streaming platforms soon).

The subject matter is a dark one in that it deals with rape. Frontman Tommy Keeling wants to create a safe space for fans and for those who's voices are all too often unheard. It's a dark subject, but the conversation for safe spaces at gigs and making society safer is one that needs to be had, if we're to make any progress.

Speaking about the track frontman Keeling said, "The song is angst fuelled, speaking up about rape culture, a subject often seen as taboo but happens far too often. By creating this

song I hope to show people they are not alone if they have been subject to this, and

should (I hope) gain the support and closure they may need".

The track itself is laden with rocket paced grunge riffs, pounding drums and I'm blown away at the sound this two-piece manage to make from a guitar and set of drums. This is high energy, nitrous oxide powered punk rock. Think Nirvana's Bleach with a sprinkling of Soundgarden's Bad Motor Finger and you're pretty much there.

9/10 - Frenzied!








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