Single review: Nat Dempsey 'Last Call'

Nat Dempsey is an 18 year old singer songwriter from West Cumbria and has already been featured by Steve Lamacq's Recommends show on BBC Radio 6 Music, Indie Rocks UK and BBC Introducing in Cumbria.

Recorded in Nat's room during lockdown and sent back and forth to his producer, 'Last Call' is an indie rock song first and foremost. It's a wake up call asking people to look at the impact of the ill treatment of frontline workers and how in framing them as heroes, enables the government to continue to underfund the NHS.

It's a great song and Nat's voice is really haunting on this track, whether deliberate or not the message deserves it.

"It’s a critical song aimed towards people, and the government, who suddenly glorify aspects such as the NHS and key workers despite cuts, votes to block pay rises and putting ‘low skilled’ jobs at the brunt of many jokes, although many of these jobs have carried the country during the pandemic. After this, those people will be treated as they always were, as if the glorification was a fad", Nat told me about the track.

Whilst he may have only released three singles so far, Nat has already showcased that he's a talented songwriter with an astute observation of what's happening in the world around us. I look forward to hearing what's next from this young and incredibly talented song writer.

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