Single Review: Novustory 'Bad Tattoo'

Novustory, are a band who've been on the up for a number of years now. Just like every 'over night success', I've seen first hand the blood sweat and tears it's taken them to get this point. 'Bad Tattoo' their new track feels different and I'll do my best to explain why..

Firstly I know it's the first track they recorded in their new revamped studio Esche Haus (you should book this place if you're looking for a studio BTW). A studio that's seen them go from a shed in their parents garden (literally) to their current home. I know how passionate these guys are about production, sound and bringing the best audio experience. Whether it's to a podcast, an audio book or as in this case a song.

'Bad Tattoo' has everything that the Novusquad (yes it is a thing) have come to expect. Killer riffs, drums that lay a solid foundation, a bass line you can tight rope on, as well as a vocal performance from one of the most gifted and incredible voices you will ever hear. But this time around and I said this to 'Ducky' (drummer) when he played it to me a few weeks ago, it feels like their coming of age track. It feels like all of the past has led up to this moment.

I love the start. I love how the track builds. I love the crystal clear vocal. I love Ben's riffs. I love Ducky's drumming and how he only plays what the song needs - if it doesn't need a fill then it doesn't need a fill (his words). The bass line is melodic without ever overtaking the track, its the perfect pair of arms carrying the track along. Then as the track builds into the crescendo, the instrumental builds and builds, you have that guitar solo then when Imogen's vocal comes in and OH MY DAYS!

It's the intelligence of the track that's the most striking. They allow each other the space to show their best parts. There is no one up mans ship with this band. They are all at the top of their game and for that reason, the fact that they have now been signed a record deal shows that with hard work, belief and staying true to your art. You will get there.

It feels like they've gone through the caterpillar phase, the pupa phase and now they are warming themselves in the sum as the butterfly would, before they fly off into the world and show the rest of them just how fucking incredible they are.

Speaking about the track the band said," It’s no secret that there are people in this world, and in our lives, taking up space in our brains, who are only there to cause harm; parasites who worm their way into your circle then latch onto your skin like a bloodsucking leech. They invade your every thought, they etch themselves on your skin, like a tattoo that you just can’t get rid of. They’re there. They’re permanent. They’re stuck on you like a 'Bad Tattoo' ."

The video of Bad Tattoo premiers at 6pm on Monday via this link

You can now stream Bad Tattoo wherever you listen to your music - just listen!

Summing this track up in one word - bilbical!


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