Single review: Paris Street Rebels 'Diane'

I've seen a lot of controversy over scoring on social media recently, mainly due to disagreement with historical reviews. Being a musical journalist you're giving your opinion on someone's art and it's subjective but I also read recently somewhere that this isn't school anymore and with that in mind I'm stepping away from rating music out of ten on this website and I'm going back to what I do best. Telling you how it makes me feel!

Back to the review and 'Diane' is the latest track from Scottish punk rock and rollers Paris Street Rebels. If you like your punk music dirty and sleazy, with riffs that take you back to punk in it s heyday then you've come to the right place.

This punk rock and roll at its best, raw, unfiltered, great riffs and a chorus that you can sing along to. As with the tracks of yesteryear the track slows two thirds through then builds to a crescendo that will set your pulse racing along at 100 mph then at the end leave you sweating and panting for breath, wondering what the hell you've just listened to. You'll want to repeat it again and again.

If these guys were around in the 1970's and early 1980's they'd be as lauded as The Ramones, The Clash et al. Whatever your concept of punk rock n roll is - these lads are the epitome of the genre.

Long live punk rock n roll!

I'd avoid driving whilst listening to this track - you may (most definitely will) end up speeding!

Searing punk!

Paris Street Rebels






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