Single review: Priestgate 'Summ(air)'

Priestgate are no strangers to Dreaminisfree having featured previously in my Shine A Light Sunday feature back in July. Their latest single Summ(air) is a tear jerking nostalgic reflection to the summer (sobs).

Where their last single 'Now' had a melancholic feel to it, 'Summ(air)' has a more upbeat happier vibe. Yes they're reflecting on a summer that's past and missing what's been, but it's done with a fondness and joy.

If synth, post punk indie was such a thing then this track would fall somewhere in this demographic - think Joy Division meets The Cure with a little bit of The Ruts (vocally) and there you have it. It's the perfect amalgamation of uplifting synths, melancholic riffs and punk felt vocals.

Speaking about the single the band said, "‘Summ(air)’ is an ode to the past, beautiful in its rawness. A memory of the golden, sunny days that we’d recall with the realization that even though it was not perfect, we loved it anyway. We wanted to write a song that epitomises the feeling of nostalgia when the sun comes and goes in a Great British summer."

Summing this track up in one word - wistful

For fans of Joy Division, The Cure, Talk Show, The Ninth Wave, Working Mens Club, Blanketman.









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