Single review - Rosie Tee 'Anchors'

Often as a music journalist you think you've experienced every genre, every sound and then an artist comes along and your senses are piqued immediately.

When I first heard Rosie Tee's new single 'Anchor' today I was spellbound! Her vocals are just incredible and the whirlwind, almost erratic nature of the track leaves the listener absolutely drawn in. I love it because it doesn't follow traditional structural song writing rules. She's thrown away the rule book and made something not only beautiful, but it also leaves the listener utterly bewildered.

“Anchors conjures up the sensation of an identity crisis. I wrote it at a time when I was away from home for an extended period. I had an unexpected realisation that when you take away your friends, family, partner, city and all the immediate things that make up who you are – what’s left? Alone, who are you without those integral components that contribute to your sense of belonging and identity? This moment taught me how to appreciate what I’d left behind, whilst also being a golden opportunity to get to know myself away from that safety net. The lyrics sum up how badly I wanted to hold onto these comforting notions of ‘self’, to tie an anchor and not drift away.”

The video for 'Anchors' is equally as enthralling as the track, the videography is simple yet stunning and truly compliments the ethereal nature of the track.

Rosie Tea's new EP Earth, Embrace Me In is out on 01 October and you can pre-order the vinyl here - from the strength of this track alone it's going to be a sensational record.

Summing this track up in one word - bewitching!

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