Single review - Saytr Play with VCR

Saytr Play - Credit Dominic Walsh

VCR is the second release of 2020 from Saytr Play, having released Future back in February.

It's also going to be appearing on the bands new EP In Truth I Fear For The Heart which is set for release 24th April (I've pre-ordered mine and I literally cannot wait to hear it).

VCR has a very different vibe to the last single. It's more akin to the sound we're used to hearing from the boys; this is definitely another banger! It's got everything that we've come to expect from the lads - killer riffs; a hell of a bass line and Freddy has one of those voices that are so distinct you know it's them in an instant.

I've listened to is many times dancing around the bedroom with my hair brush and I can see myself moshing with hundreds of other sweaty souls (after the lock down of course). It's just one of those tracks you have to bounce to.

Freddy said when talking about of the track "VCR is a song that touches on the constant pressures and paranoia of a self conscious person in a self indulgent society. It’s the idea that nothing is truly private. We allow people to see into our world, to know where we are “24/7, 365” from behind the safety net of a screen. I (Fred) sometimes feel I was born in the wrong era. Like I’m “selling VCR in a digital age”. Fighting a losing battle to keep up with the ever-changing times. Though the music is uplifting, this song is a reminder to myself to be aware of my surroundings and not get sucked in to the illusion of everybody else. Love you for you, not what people perceive of you".

It's a message I can totally buy into. Freddy is definitely one of the nicest, most genuine and kind humans I've met.

Despite the challenge of releasing the new track in a lock down situation the lads still managed to make a video - the got fans to sing along and express themselves to the track and in doing so created something truly beautiful - I mean how many of us have dreamt in being in one of our favourite bands videos? I've included the fan video in this review.

As treat I've also included a live performance of it as they played it first when I saw them perform on Friday 6th March at Niamos in Manchester.

You can pre-order the EP ‘In Truth I Fear For The Heart' here - You can also listen to VCR here

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