Single review: SCUM 'Positive Attitude'

Leeds punk band SCUM new single 'Positive Attitude' coming in at just 42 seconds is 100 mph of pure, raw, hardcore punk rage. If you love punk then this has everything that the perfect punk song should have - raging drums, a bass line that you can hang your clothes on and a riff that will make your ears bleed!

As far as perfect punk songs go - this is pretty much what the genre is about.

"It’s inspired by the idea of straight edge culture, of having a positive mental attitude, which was amplified through all the bands in New York 80’s hardcore scene with bands like the Bad Brains, Cro Mags, Gorilla Biscuits and Minor Threat. The song has featured in our live set for a while and we thought lockdown was the perfect time to record it", SCUM told me before its release.

If this track has pricked your ears then I'd recommend you go and listen to their EP Possibly Armed, Probably not. The future looks very bright for SCUM!

10/10 - Ear bleedingly good!







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