Single review: Sophie Stewart -Weather She Loves Me

Pic courtesy of Sophie Stewart

As you now know I'm a big fan of Sophie Stewart and really loved chatting to her about her music, her queer identity and more in my interview with her a few weeks ago.

I did squeal when I saw Weather She Loves Me yesterday on Spotify and so I streamed it straight away. I continued to play this over and over for about an hour. Not joking.

Sophie has one of those voices that makes you drift to some place far away. Her voice takes me back to the kind of voices you used to hear in the 70's. It sounds old but also new. It makes sense to me anyway.

This song for me is about loving someone who's hot and cold with you, loves you one minute and then you have no idea if they do the next. It could also be about unrequited love. Those people who are so damaging and turbulent, yet you're drawn to them and they end up damaging you.

It takes a lot of courage to write a song this personal but as I've started to learn in interviewing all the musicians I get to with this blog it's a beautiful thing to have something like this to draw on. It's therapy. It's a way of dealing with what you've gone through and creating something you can go back to, that others can relate to and about creating something beautiful from the pain.

Sophie's voice is simply stunning in this song. It really does sound like it's from a bygone era. Her playing in the solo makes you feel like you're soaring on a gentle summers breeze.

It's sad, but it's also hopeful. All the best songs keep you guessing as to their true meaning and I think Sophie has done this perfectly with Weather She Loves Me.

Weather She Loves Me is the 7th release from Sophie and if you read my interview you'll know that she's going to be releasing an EP in 2020. Everything this woman produces sounds beautiful and I can't wait to hear more from this amazingly talented musician.

Sophie is on Spotify, Facebook and Twitter.


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