Single review: Sophie & The Giants - Runaway

Runaway is the latest single from one of my favourite bands and if you thought The Light was amazing then you're going to be astounded by Runaway.

This is one of the most beautifully constructed songs the band have produced to date. From Toby's initial riff to Chris's accents, from Antonia's scintillating bass lines to Sophie's heartfelt lyrics. This song takes you on a journey of constantly looking out for someone; finding them and realising that they're never going to change; then realising that in order to progress you have to find the strength to leave and believe in yourself.

We've all felt like we have to keep trying things that aren't good for us, things we've invested so much emotional effort into and end up loosing who we truly are in the process.

Whilst The Light was a message of hope for many, this incredibly personal message from the band shares how letting someone go from your life who cannot love you the way that you love them is the only way you can be truly happy.

That's my take on it anyway.

When speaking about the single prior to its release Sophie said, " Runaway ultimately celebrates how I found the strength to let go in order to thrive on my own and the liberation that I still feel from parting with things that are not good for me".

In sharing this song they've given a powerful message to anyone looking for self belief. It comes from within.

10/10 from this reviewer.

I bloody love it!

If you want to listen, stream or purchase then follow this link.

I also caught up with the band just before the release of Runaway - Part 1 of the exclusive 2 Part interview is here.


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