Single review - Sourdough 'My Lines'

Sourdough Luton's post punk raconteurs, released their third single 'My Lines' yesterday 14 August. A Nick Cave inspired satirical look at the creative process. Asking if anything is actually original anymore? Or is everything a rehashed, recycled rambling of what's been said previously.

'My Lines' is certainly more explosive than their last single 'Expected' - starting off with a almost Jimmy Hendrix type riff before frontman Jacob Kyte shouts in 1234 and the song explodes with, "I wish I was a vampire; I’d suck the soul out of every situation I’ve ever been involved in". '

My Lines' has great melodies and will remind you of the heady days of Sonic Youths 'Daydream Nation' era. The chorus is catchy as hell and after a few listens you will be singing along. It's the kind of track that makes you turn the car stereo up a few notches - watch that speedometer though!

Speaking about the track Jacob said, " So ‘My Lines’ was born out of frustration at not being in that situation and feeling creatively blocked. It’s an experiment on the idea of whether you can ever truly write something that’s actually your own, or is it ‘borrowed, butchered, chewed up and neutered’?

But you just have to sit back and laugh at yourself and, as much as it is aggressive, there’s a certain amount of comedy in there, about not taking yourself and creativity too seriously"

If you listen beyond the fast paced riffs, the lyrics shrewdly pose the hypothesis that none of us are creating something original, I mean are any of us? Either way it doesn't really matter - sit back relax and enjoy a great bloody song!

'My Lines' is available to stream and download on all platforms now.

9/10 - Speculatively sensational!







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