Single review: Springfield Elementary - Five Second Rule

Firstly sorry to Springfield Elementary for not releasing this as a preview. I had IT issues at home and ran out of time... My bad...

Five Second Rule is Springfield Elementary's second single release on Spotify (they've released four previously via Bandcamp) and it's an all round more accomplished composition than their last single.

This song is less angry and punky than Machine Fiend and that's not a bad thing. Looking at the bands who I really consider greats they all have that ability to make music where each track pulls from a different genre.

Starting off with nods to the psychedelic, funky influences of theirs when you mix this Billy's gruff voice and Brad's licks you've got something special. Liam and Chris as a rhythm section perfectly compliment each other.

Music is a beautiful thing because we can all draw on different things from different songs - this reminds me of past relationships and the times I've lost it and regretted it. I've listened to it about 10 times now and I like it the more I listen to it.

Their harmonies would make a lot of bands jealous and remind me of The Beatles. They sing "Time is precious when I spend it with you".... I invite you to spend time listening to this track.

It's going to grow on you the more and more you listen to it.

You can stream on Spotify or why not give the bands Bandcamp a view. You know you want to.

You can read Part 1 of my interview with band here. Part 2 is coming next Wednesday.


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