Single review: The Big Peach 'Sad'

If you're a live music fan and live in the Manchester region, then the chances are that you've seen The Big Peach at least once. These guys are an incredibly hardworking band and if you've been lucky enough to see them play, (as I have a few times) then you know they're a really great live band.

Their sound is heavily 60's influenced and that's not a bad thing. Whilst a lot of bands try to sound like the next Oasis or Roses these lads stick with an era that produced some of the most iconic tracks in music of all time, but they definitely are no copy cats.

Their latest single 'Sad', is as good as anything from that era. The playing, production and overall feel of the song has a latter day quality about it that was lacking in the recordings from then. It's an instant ear worm. It flows beautifully and whilst the subject matter deals with mental health and a macabre subject it remains uplifting and one you want to bop to and leaves you feeling anything but sad.

Speaking about the track the band said, " We think this song is relatable, it explores the impact of mental health on intimate relationships, capitalism and materialism as a false sense of happiness. We hope people will be able to relate to the lyrics, the melody and the music behind it will get people dancing as it's upbeat. It's a mirror song. You think it's going to be sad and it reflects back to happiness in the feel of it".

Summing this song up in one word - dandy

For fans of The Kinks, The Beatles, The Doors, The Bees, The Velvet Undergound, The Troggs, Herman's Hermits

The Big Peach - Pic credit Eva Suarez

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