Single review - The Early Mornings with Artificial Flavour

If you've not heard of The Early Mornings it's because they've been playing the north west circuit since being formed in 2018. Hailing from Manchester, Artificial Flavour is their stunning debut single released on Safe Suburban Home Records and it's anything but what the title suggests.

It starts off with a hell of a catchy bass line, then is quickly joined by drums and a guitar that whilst stripped back is the perfect accompaniment. I'm going to use a food analogy because the title of the track lends to it and as an ex-chef (really) it's easy for me to do so.

My favourite cuisine is Mediterranean. Think Malta, Italy and Greece. Simple foods, grown in the beautiful sunshine, fresh, locally produced ingredients. Without too many flavours, that when put together it's like you've gone to food heaven! Well this offering from The Early Mornings is to the ears, what an Italian Risotto is to the tastebuds!

I'm a big fan of guitar music, led by female vocalists (the clue is in the blog name) and having also now streamed the equally brilliant Just A Picture on Spotify I'm very excited to hear what else this band brings and see them playing live.

If you're wanting to listen so you can agree with me (I'm sure you will) you can stream the single and the extra special treat Just a Picture on Spotify

The bands socials are Facebook YouTube. You can also purchase a limited edition of the 7 inch single here

You can also catch tickets for the bands shows on Feb 7th in Liverpool and 14th in Sheffield


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