Single review - The Map Department, Stop The Clocks!

It's such a privilege as a writer and blogger to be able to share my passion for music with bands, independent artists and creators of music.

The Map Department who hail from Glasgow approached me via Twitter to review their latest single and this blogger was only too happy to help. They are lan Smith (lead guitar), Arran Southall (vocals and keys), Ben Brown (drums), David Knox (rhythm guitar) and Lee Murray (bass guitar).

They describe themselves as a guitar lead, indie band living, loving and dying in Glasgow! Stop The Clocks! is their second single their first being Carousel.

I've listened to both and to be honest this one is much more melancholic than their last offering but it's perfectly balanced for a cold autumnal evening, sitting by the fire with a glass of cider (me right now).

I write differently to other bloggers (always be yourself) and love to say how music makes me feel rather than describe the technicality of the song. I'll leave that to others, so with that in mind......

Whilst Carousel is a song that makes me think about an unrequited love that's been and gone, that has a possible chance of returning, Stop The Clocks is much darker.

From the start it invokes for me an image of a relationship that's broken and has no chance of reconciliation.

It's a beautiful song, that leaves you feeling a bit sad - but that's the point I think. A friend who I interviewed for her band recently said to me that being a musician and writing about your feelings is magical, because unlike a picture or a video you create something that is beautiful.

That's exactly what this song.

You can download the song on the bands band camp link here - they're also on Spotify, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


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