Single Review: The Strange Days - No 1 Star Child

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

No1 Star Child - artwork credit @skyecantbake_

Brexitland gutter rockers The Strange Days release their next single No 1 Star Child on Friday July 3rd.

It's definitely a lot darker than their last single Skiffle -the intro has the most haunting of sounds. I feel like I'm in the womb listening to a version of China Girl - it's a weird explanation I know, but that's the image I had in my head when listening and the first 25 seconds. After that it grows into a great rock n roll song - but then the spookiness returns half way through. The mid-part of the song I love - it builds from the spooky to a sublime crescendo.

I spoke to Ash from The Strange Days just before the release of No 1 Star Child and he told me, "The Recording of this tune represented the possible highlight of the entire recording of the EP for us as, after several lager beers, we attempted to put down some handclaps over the middle 8 and chorus. This was a process that involved confusion, hilarity, and some painfully pink palms.

The song itself was written just over a year ago, and took shape in our old nano-jail cell sized practice room. We just jammed out that long middle 8 and knocked it into shape until something musically comprehensible was birthed. It was one of the first tracks we finished altogether as a band after Isabel and Patrick joined in summer 2019 so will always hold a special place in our hearts".

You can listen to No 1 Star Child on your preferred platform from Friday 3rd of July.

The Strange Days - Pic credit Glenn Michael Harper

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