Single Review: The Strange Days - Why Would You

The Strange Days are the self titled gutter-rock champions from the the bosom of Brexitland, featuring Isabel Hollingum - Bass Guitar; Patrick O'Keeffe - Drum Kit; Declan Robertson - Lead Guitar, Vocals; Ash Sandys - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Why Would You is the second single to be released from their second EP Music for Pleasure, which comes out later next month.

Their first EP The Desperation Songs, was released to plenty of critical acclaim and based on their second single to be released from Music for Pleasure, they're picking up right where they left off with their first EP.

At just under 2 minutes, their latest release has a main riff that's an instant ear worm, and its interwoven with a funky bass line.

Playing Why Would You I feel like I've just wandered into their studio and I'm listening to them rehearse - this track has a very distinct live feel to it. That gives this track a rawness that you really only get with a live track. I love that.

Over production can spoil a song and it takes courage to produce something that's not been messed with. Make no mistake this is punk/gutter/garage-rock at its best and I love it!

The Strange Days - Pic credit Glenn Michael Harper

As a special treat I've included a link of the band playing it live - because lets face it we're all missing live music. Video credit goes to Dan Maguire.

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