Single review: The Taboos 'Innovative Thinking'

Southern based The Taboos released their fourth single 'Innovative Thinking' on July 3. Emotionally charged (given the subtext that's no real surprise), you can hear the influences of Messrs Squire and Marr in the guitars and that's never a bad thing!

'Innovative Thinking' is a look at how reliant we all are on technology, so much so that we're losing our humanity and it's beginning to control our very existence, something that seems even more evident since COVID19. Our obsessions of the constant need to update our social media as a way of staying relevant whilst appearing to be active; has become more important that using this time to reconnect with who we really are.

It's an incredibly astute song, with a wonderful crescendo and for that reason alone, you should get your ears around this track. I love music that makes you think and this track is perhaps a reminder that we all need to reconnect with who we are as people, rather than our social media hype.

If you liked 'Innovative Thinking' then I'd recommend you go and listen to 'No Miracles' their previous release. Their label tells me we're set for more releases from in 2020 from The Taboos and based on what I've heard so far, I'm excited to hear what's next.

8/10 - Compelling!

The Taboos





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