Single review: Tiger Mimic 'King of Machines'

Despite the mainstream despondency of 2020, there have been some incredible highlights for me in the discovery of some amazing musicians, Tiger Mimic fall into this category - I first featured them in June as part of my Shine A Light Series.

Their new single 'King Of Machines' which drops tomorrow (pre-save) is, as good a rock and roll record as you're going to hear this year. Some bands are just so talented that every member of the band are as equally brilliant as each other. Tiger Mimic are one of those bands.

If your like your guitars raucous, your songs layered with fantastic harmonies, tunes that follow a narrative but also make you want to get off your arse and dance around the room like a raving lunatic, then get this band in your ears!

I was listening to this track for about the 20th time prior to writing this review and the ending gave me Goosebumps - I literally shuddered. The last song to do that to me, was Led Zeppelins Whole Lotta Love! That's how good this song is.

I've been told that this is the bands final release of 2020, but also that they're working on their debut album. If there is anything that is going to make the future brighter, it's these guys releasing more music!

Summing this song up in one word - dazzling!

For fans of Led Zeppelin, Bugeye, BERRIES, Dream Wife, The Strokes, Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard.

Tiger MImic pic credit Robert Allenye

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