Single review - Tiger Mimic 'Silence of the Night'

Tiger Mimic are a band whom I've gotten to know since lockdown last year. Their music and videos have a storytelling quality, that would make the likes of Steven Spielberg sit up and take notice. Marry that with musicians who are so incredibly talented they make the difficult look effortless, then you have a band that should be gracing the biggest of stages. Pure and simple.

Their latest single 'Silence Of The Night' is yet another masterclass in capturing the context of dark subject matter and putting in a song. The sense of trepidation, danger and spine tingling that they get into song is nothing short of remarkable.

Speaking about the track prior to its release the band said, "Silence Of The Night tells the tale of a shadowy world infested with predators and parasites, where an ever-growing void fills with the names of the lost. 2020 left people no choice but to acknowledge the grim reality that women navigate on a daily basis, and that sometimes swallows them whole. With an urgent groove, unexpected riffs, and biting vocals, it's a call for justice, accountability, and the reclamation of the streets where we live".

If you fancy catching them live for their only show of the year at The Victoria, Dalston on 9th December with Rival Karma you can get tickets here - I wouldn't hang around though.

Summing this track up in one word - electrifying!

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Tiger Mimic - Pic credit Robert Alleyne

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