Single review: Tinfoils with Spitting

Tinfoils frontman George Unitt - picture credit exposure_kaylee

Spitting is the new single from Yorkshire's punk protagonists Tinfoils and it's a fucking banger from start to finish.

It's very hard to capture the energy of a live show in a recorded track but these masters have done it again as far as I'm concerned. It's a bold statement to make but having seen the lads perform twice now and experienced the energy of their live shows first hand, I can speak with absolute honesty that this track is a thing of beauty - a big beautiful, sweaty, bouncy mess!

When the track kicks in you've got the instant hook of a stunning bass line, cue George's vocals/guitar and the drums joining in - the sound reminds me of a train that's careering along, full pelt. It doesn't let up from George's first scream until 1 minute 39 seconds your ear drums get a little respite, but you don't get off that lightly! At 2 minutes and 3 seconds, it picks up it's second wind and finishes on with an explosion that's as near to a punkgasm as you're gonna get. This is going to be fans favourite for years to come, or I'm not a music blogger!

Speaking about the track before its release Tinfoils frontman George Unitt said, “No matter what position you’re in, it seems like there's always a bigger guy who wants to p*ss all over you and ruin your life. But sometimes rain is just rain, and you've got to learn to dance in it".

This is without doubt on of my favourite tracks of 2020 - Tinfoils are a band who have an incredibly bright future ahead of them, and I'm going to be dancing in the rain with them for a long time to come.

Tinfoils - Pic credit exposure_kaylee

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