Single review - Tom Lumley and the Brave Liaison 'Crawling'

Tom Lumley and the Brave Liaison are no strangers to Dreaminisfree and it's good to see the lads back with their first single of 2021 'Crawling'.

There's been a lot of discourse about the imbalance of diversity and representation at major festivals announced this summer. In a lot of those instances if you hadn't looked at any of the big line ups for well over 15 years, bar a few new names you'd barely notice any difference (if at all).

For every uninspiring headliner, there's bands like Lumley's who are as hard working, talented and as deserving as the massively underrepresented also not on these line ups.

I just hope that they get their chance before 2050!

Turning to 'Crawling' it starts off a lot rockier than the last single 'Better Than This'. The fuzziness at the start makes way to a muted vocal and beat lulling you in before they do what they do and hit you with that pitch perfect vocal, strong almost bluesy rock guitars and an ending as polished as the Buckingham Palace's silver!

Speaking about the track before the release the lads said, "Crawling’is about being trapped in a chemical relationship. To the extent where it’s almost an addiction. Even though you know it’s nothing but bad for you, you just keep going back. We believe that this is commonplace in many modern-day relationships.“

We feel our generation and those younger can be insecure in themselves and in their relationships due to the pressure of social media and the sharing of the subjective “highlight reel. ”Everyone shows off their best stuff, but no one ever sees the discord that is happening behind the scenes."

If you're a fan of the lads you can catch them live on tour in November (details below) - 'Crawling' is available on all platforms from Friday 9th April.

Summing this track up in one word - lustrous!

For fans of Sea Girls, Plastic Glass, Apollo Junction, Saytr Play.

Tom Lumley and the Brave Liaison






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