Single review: Uncle Buzzard 'Little Fish'

I love bringing my followers and readers new music, that wouldn't necessarily be on their radar. As soon as I listened to the new single from Teesside born and Leeds based psyche/jazz/indie funksters Uncle Buzzard, I knew some of you were gonna absolutely love their sound.

'Little Fish' starts off pretty explosively, but a few seconds in it takes it down so low and smooth you would be forgiven for thinking you're horizontal! The big, fat, juicy bass line kicks in after 18 seconds oozing a velvety richness, at this point you know you're onto something pretty special. Vocally delicate, thus perfectly balanced to the rich foundation of the instruments, the synths then add the perfect seasoning to the rich, soupy goodness of this track.

"Little Fish is about not living up to the expectations we set ourselves, or those set by others. The song is about identity and about the labels and the expectations that are externally put upon us, addressing issues surrounding gender and sexuality. When these things are ambiguous to us, but we are categorised by others, we feel pressure to conform to those labels, and it's about that constant feeling of pressure that we must overcome to truly be ourselves", the band stated in their press release.

It's no wonder given the above that this track speaks to me on a level that's beyond just listening to it.

I can't help but smile when I listen to this track and the more I've delved into their other work, I've loved it. 'Big Cat' their last single is as an accomplished a piece of work as 'Little Fish'.

Uncle Buzzard is music for music lovers - pure and simple.

9/10 - Funktastic

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