Single review - VIEUX 'Spectrophobia'

As someone who was clubbing in the early 90's to 00's it's fair to say I've seen my fair share of and experienced some pretty amazing electronic dance music. I've been blessed to see Carl Cox, Sasha, Judge Jules, John Digweed, Boy George, Tony DeVit, Chemical Brothers, Orbital and Underworld to name a few.

The relevance to this review, is the aforementioned are masters of their art. They know exactly what to play and when to play it, to get the crowd absolutely jumping. I used to love 2am to 4am when I was clubbing. Everyone was in the zone, the music took you places that transported you to another dimension.

When I first heard 'Spectrophobia' by the immensely talented VIEUX, I was back at Alexander Palace NYE 1998, or Sydney Millennium NYE, Fabric in the first month of it opening, or back to the podiums of Hollywoods in Ipswich (yes really). All memorable nights for the impact they had on my psyche and the absolute euphoric escapism of the music.

You know when the DJ is at the peak of their set and they drop the tune that makes the whole place sparkle with dopamine? Well this is that track. Whatever it is they do when they're creating their music, it's nothing short of alchemy!

I spoke to the band about the tune before its release, "Spectrophobia began as an aggressive experiment to create the meanest noisiest piece of music we could. That experiment resulted in a noisy chaotic soundscape which was eventually refined and tamed into Spectrophobia. The lyrics and title of the song refer to a phobia of reflections which we felt was appropriate for the menacing tone of the music. Spectrophobia was definitely one of the most satisfying songs we have made. This is because we went through a frustrating period of development trying to improve upon our previous work with lots of trial and error and Spectrophobia served as a punching bag for our frustrations."

'Spectrophobia' is out now

Summing this track up in own word - Alchemy!

For fans of Chemical Brothers Sasha John Digweed Orbital

Pic courtesy of VIEUX

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