Single Review: Weekend Recovery - There's a sense

Leeds garage band Weekend Recovery have just dropped their latest single 'There's a sense'.

“You’ve gotta admit there’s a sense of insecurity / get away, get away get away get away!”

singer Lori channels her inner Courtney Love and she absolutely nails this intense song, about the pressures of working in the music industry.

The main riff/ hook of the song, along with the bass line and drums make this a track one you're going to want to pogo dance too. I love the juxtapose of the chorus as well - intense to a degree that it almost overwhelms. The guitar solo in the middle of the song as well is scintillating - 'There's a sense', is an absolute, boisterous, lightning paced, bop!

I'm going to be listening to this song all weekend.


Weekend Recovery - Pic credit Neil Chapman

Weekend Recovery






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