Single Review: YONAKA 'Ordinary'

YONAKA released 'Ordinary' their brand new single at midnight last night and second release of 2021, following 'Seize the Power' was released in January.

If you're a fan of YONAKA you know that their tracks are all about empowering their fans (aka creatures) to follow their dreams and everything in-between. Whenever I'm down I listen to YONAKA, when I need to remember how powerful I am I listen to YONAKA. They are a band that anyone who's felt shit about themselves, or been made to feel inadequate needs to get in their ears.

'Ordinary' is a beast of track, a behemoth. An anthem for the downtrodden and a big fuck you, to anyone who's ever doubted you. When you listen to YONAKA you know what to expect - vocals that speak to the heart, guitars that smack you like a wrecking ball and a rhythm section that lays a foundation you could build a volcano on.

I love this band's message. I love them live. I love everything about them - YONAKA have proven time and time again that they are anything but 'Ordinary'!

Summing this track up in one word - monumental!

For fans of Calva Louise, The Pale White, Estrons, Nova Twins, Black Honey










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