The future is bright - Those artists destined for greatness in the next decade

For me the future of the music scene both in the UK and beyond is so exciting. There are so many amazing bands and musicians coming to the fore in the last 12-24 months. The next 10 artists whether you've heard of them or not are going to be huge in 2020's.

1. Sophie & The Giants - As well as being incredibly talented musicians they're also amongst the nicest people I've ever met. With each release they get better and better and the addition of Antonia on bass has seen the band go up in terms of performance and output. Make no mistake - these guys are gonna be HUGE!

2. Saytr Play - 2019 has been an incredible year for Freddy and the lads. With massive success in mainland Europe as well as the UK with their release Secondhand Emotion the lads are releasing more new material early next year. Live they're incredible and are creating something really special. Watch this space!

3. Novustory - The Lancashire heavy metallers have only released 3 tracks and with the addition of Chris on Bass played their first gig as this four piece at Bradford Pride this year. Fronted by the insanely incredible voice of Imogen they've already an army of fans nicknamed Novo Squad (of which I am a proud member). They bring a stadium worthy performance wherever they play - Prepare to be blown away!

4. Sea Girls - Already tipped by most music writers and journalists to be big in the decade and having seen them play live 4 times in 2019, I can say with absolute authority these guys are destined for greatness. They get better with every release and their live shows are just off the scale. With every release they get better and my love for them grows - I can't wait to hear more!

5. The Pale White - Indie Rockers The Pale White and fellow Geordie's The Pale White have seen a phenomenal 2019 with the release of Medicine and a UK headline tour. I was fortunate to see them twice in 2019 and their sound is something to behold - I stand by the Haiku review I did after Neighbourhood Festival in Manchester -

Newcastle's The Pale White

Did the North East proud

My type of Medicine loud

These lads are going to be MASSIVE!

6. Celeste - Another artist who's been tipped for greatness as she's been named as BBC Introducing's Artist of the Year. I first heard her track Both Sides of the Moon and felt like I'd been transported to another world. Her voice is one of the most incredible I've ever heard. She is definitely the future. Goosebumps!

7.Yonaka - The Lon don based rockers have seen an amazing 2019 with the success of their debut album Don't Wait 'Til Tomorrow and their accompanying headline tour. Each track is golden and live they are something every band strives to achieve - pure musical nirvana. Make no mistake this band are going to conquer the world!

8. Zuzu - The scouse bombshell has seen her reputation gather pace in 2019 with her own headline tour, all of the main festivals and supporting the likes of Yonaka, SWMRS and The Courteeners. Another act I've been fortunate enough to see twice this year I love her live. She's an incredible guitar player and her accent adds to her authenticity. She is what she is. One hell of an artist. Expect more magic!

9.Pip Blom - The Dutch indie punk band who's 2019 saw them play all over Europe and the USA as well as release their debut album Boat. Having seen them 3 times this year I've been blessed to see one of the most fun live bands you will ever see. They get better with each performance. They may not be like anything you've ever heard - that's their appeal. They're just brilliant!

10. The Ninth Wave - Glasgow's indie rockers The Ninth Wave have also released their debut album this year Infancy in two parts and enjoyed growing success supporting the likes of When Young, The Blinders as well as touring extensively in the UK, Europe and playing at SXSW in the USA. They're another band who when they perform live just blow you away. Their energy is a joy to behold.


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