The Lathums, Woman You Stole & Hartley - Thursday 11th July 2019

Jimmy's Manchester was the setting for this gig and I was super excited for this one. The Lathums are getting a lot of traction at the moment plus I was dying to see Woman You Stole, for this sell out gig.

First up Hartley. I couldn't find them anywhere on social media, so I had no idea what they'd be like but as always the unknown support tend you blow you away and this band did. They're a five piece of very young musicians who are mega talented. The place didn't have that many in there, but this didn't deter them and they went for it. My mates and I loved their music and we were dancing away, so with great music and a dance? What more can you ask for?

Next up for the formidable Woman You Stole. I'm going to admit I am a bit of a fan girl with these guys.... Their songs are so bloody catchy, the lyrics are heartfelt and Steve (drums), Jack (bass) and Hayley (guitar and lead vocals) are all extremely bloody talented musicians. Throw that into the mix of a hot and sweaty venue, with a willing crowd which by now had swelled considerably and you've got a recipe for a bloody great time.

Woman You Stole absolutely nailed it!

If you get the chance then see this band. They have 2 songs on Spotify currently but there's more on YouTube so have a listen, you'll be glad that you did.

The place was bursting and buzzing with anticipation when The Lathums took to the stage to the chant, "Up the Fucking Lathums!" (which was the chant of the evening). For those of you who don't know them they're a four piece from Wigan with Alex Moore on vocals/Guitar, Scott Concepion/Lead Guitar; Jonny Cunliffe/Bass and Ryan Durran/Drums.

Having listened to them a for a few weeks now, I was familiar with Vicious Victorian as well as Crying Out which these lads played as well as the definite crowd pleaser The Great Escape. They also covered Come Together (yes that one) as well as Big Mouth Strikes Again (The Smiths). They have a massive following and it's easy to see why once you hear them play live. Not only are their songs really catchy with great lyrics, they retain their Northern identity with their proud Wigan accents. As for their playing? All incredible musicians who wouldn't be out of place in any great indie, metal band, funk or punk band.

Their set was varied, they played their hearts out and they were smiling throughout. They loved the crowd and we loved them! See this band before they're playing to full stadiums. Up the fucking Lathums indeed!


The Lathums

Woman You Stole

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