The Longcut & Purple Heart Parade - Saturday 18th May 2019.

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

Manchester for many years has produced some incredible bands and musicians. Some are world famous, and others aren’t.

It was befitting that I got to see 2 of Manchesters lesser known bands on what was the 39th anniversary of the passing of Ian Curtis (RIP).

It was the second time I’d seen both bands, the first being a few months ago at YANA Festival in Manchester in March this year.

Last night Purple Heart Parade were a 4 piece rather than the usual 5 but in all honesty you wouldn’t have known, if you didn’t.

Purple Heart Parade have a sound like the psychedelic sounds of the 60’s - except it’s of the here and now. The reverb guitars, incredibly intense yet softly sung vocals, subtle yet virtuoso bass, and masterly beats take you to an otherworldly musical experience.

If I had to describe Purple Heart Parade as a day, I would say it was a sunny beautiful day with a gentle cooling breeze, spending time with people you love.

Five songs were never going to be enough, but the best bands always leave you wanting more.

Then after a brief interlude The Longcut took to the stage with a massive cheer. Their song titles are as eclectic as their sound.

Starting their set with my own personal favourite Deathmask, before other favourites Gravity, Transition and then Arrows before ending on a high with the belters The Tried & The Tested and Quiet Life.

I was dancing and lost in the music, with my eyes closed when a guy came up to me and asked me if I'd seen them before? To which I replied, yes. He then asked me what I thought of them? I said, The reason I love them is because you can't really pigpen hole them. They're a band that defy genres or classification. They're 3 incredibly talented musicisians who come together and make magic.

Incredible intelligently constructed songs, some sad, some uplifting, but none sounding the same. They capture a feeling between melancholy and euphoria. Emphatically visceral and emotionally felt lyrics, kick ass bass, illusory keyboards, breathtaking beats and prodigious riffs make this band probably one of Manchesters most under rated bands.

From the first note to the last you could feel their energy, their love and devotion to their craft.

They love their music.

So do I.

Spotify for both bands:

The Longcut

Purple Heart Parade


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