The Peach Fuzz, Cut Glass Kings & Grimm Twins - Night & Day 15th June 2019

Night & Day was the venue for last nights gig and with The Courteeners playing Heaton Park, Manchesters Northern Quarter was pretty quiet for a Saturday night.

I went to this gig with some of my besties, who are as passionate about music as I am - I actually met them at a gig earlier this year and whilst we've known each other for about 5 months we're like family now. Some people you meet and it's as if you've known each other for years and years.

Grimm Twins who are from Macclesfield, were already playing when we entered, so we unfortunately missed some of their set. From what we did see though I was impressed. It's always difficult playing to a pretty empty venue and there was only about 30-40 people in there at that point. Their frontman did his best to impassion the sparse crowd.

I would describe thier music as indie-punk with a bit of keyboards. Their set ended with the song I Don't Care, which reminded me of Anti Nowhere Leagues - So What! without the swearing. Have a listen and see what you think - I'd like to see them again for sure.

Next up were Cut Glass Kings who are Paul Cross on vocals/guitar and Greg McMurray on drums/vocals who hail from Birmingham. I was blown out of the water!!! These guys are flipping incredible! For a 2 piece band they make such a gargantuan sound. Monumental drumming, booming reverb and exquisitely matched vocals and harmonies filled the whole room - my mates and I were blown away. I bumped into Paul afterwards and thanked them for an amazing set. He was so humble. I've played their tracks on Spotify about 10 times since this gig. Have a listen and see what you think, but live these guys will blow you away!

Then the healdiners The Peach Fuzz who hail from Liverpool. The lead vocalist thanked us for coming given the gig at Heaton Park and said it was their first headline gig outside of Liverpool. I'd listened to these guys quite a lot before tonights gig and beforehand I would've described their music as uplifting indie-pop. As always when played live the emotion of the lyrics and songs are far more visceral and with these scouse lads that was certainly the case.

I'm not gonna pretend to know all their songs, because I don't but the 2 they have on Spotify they did play (Such A Fool & The Outside Looking In). The frontman reminded me of Brian Molko from Placebo. They have such gorgeous harmonies and their lyrics are so beautiful. Backed with symphonic guitars, celestial keyboards and a sic beat - these lads have a uniqueness to them that I liked and the more the set went on the more my love for them grew.

Again the frontman was giving it his all at one point he broke the set to talk about mental health and how there's no shame in speaking up about it, which received a massively positive response and rightly so.

If you get a chance to catch any of these bands then do so. They're only going to get bigger and bigger.


The Peach Fuzz

Cut Glass Kings

Grimm Twins


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