The Wombats, Sundara Karma, Bloxx & Fuzzy Sun - Saturday 6th July 2019

Another weekend and another gig.... Although I hadn't actually been to a gig for 2 weeks so I was gagging for this one and these bands didn't disappoint!

I'd not been to Castlefield Bowl before yesterday and apart from the lack of toilets (are there ever enough)... the venue was cracking and with the earlier rain having given way too glorious sunshine this was going to be a great gig.

Stockport's Fuzzy Sun were up first as they were when I saw them a few weeks ago, supporting Blossoms and they were great as they were that afternoon. The sound wasn't great for the first few numbers but that didn't detract from their playing and it was soon sorted so we were able to hear the keyboards and singing of Daisy their keyboard player. They played all my favourites Want Love, Heavy and After All This Time. Kyle the frontman did his best to get the crowd dancing and shaking their thing! All in all a great start. With every listen for me they grow on me and live they're very, very good. Top notch!

Next up Bloxx who were a last minute replacement for Night Cafe who sadly had to pull out of playing the day before. I knew Sea Blue and Curtains before this gig and they played both so I was well happy. The thing I love about Bloxx is that they write really catchy songs, have great lyrics and the songs are real ear worms which isn't a bad thing at all. They gave it their all and their front woman Ophelia again roused the enthusiastic crowd... the place was jumping and I was loving it!

By this time we had met the lovely Sophie and Matt (Hi guys), as I was dancing to Sea Girls Damage is Done that was playing in-between bands so we bonded straight away.

Sundara Karama were next and again I don't really know a lot of their songs, but do you really need to?... I was blown away by these lot. Such great musicians and they played my favourite One Last Night on This Earth. By this point the flares were being lit with frequency and the mosh pit was growing larger. Everyone was bouncing and having great time. It's what it's all about.

Finally The Wombats. I didn't realise how many of their songs I actually knew before this gig. They're one of those bands who get better with every album and they have a massive following. Loads of singing, jumping, flares (not the trousers) and smiles all round. I had a few heterosexual couples standing next to me and the girls were crying because they were so overwhelmed by the emotion of seeing them. I can see why. The whole show was epic, the graphics with Wombats across their backdrop was just beautiful (I loved Lemons to a Knife Fight especially). They met in 2003 and we've been aware of then since 2006 so it's no surprise they're amazing at what they do. Most of you will have heard of them and know their songs. If you've not seen them live and you get the chance then do yourself a favour and do it. You will love it!

You can listen to all of the bands via Spotify:

The Wombats

Sundara Karma


Fuzzy Sun


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