Twenty acts to watch in 2020

As you know I have a passion for new music and last year I was privileged to see so many great bands. 2020 is going to be another fantastic year of music and these 20 bands are all going to have a great 2020 based on what I've heard from them. I've added links to their music in the article - do yourself a favour and give them a listen.

1. The Mysterines - The band released their Take Control EP last year as well as the phenomenal single Who's Your Girl. They head out to an almost sold out tour at the end of January 2020 and there is a real buzz around this band for a very good reason. Their live shows have so much energy as does their sound. One of my favourite live acts from 2019.

2. Dirty Laces - I've not heard a band like this ever. The Manchester five piece have an intense energy. Their music is a fusion of indie and punk with psychedelic riffs and licks. Again live their energy is something to behold. Another favourite of my live acts from last year this is going to be an amazing year for this band.

3. Woman You Stole - Another exciting band from Manchester who list their influences as Yeah Yeah Yeah's and Placebo. They were also the first band I interviewed for this blog. and for that I will always be grateful. Their live set is outstanding and despite having only released 3 tracks their set list has some absolute bangers in it! They made my Top 50 tracks of 2019 for a very good reason. Watch this space!

4. Rolla - I've not been able to listen to these lads since I saw them support Suave Martyrs other than the videos I took. They were one of the hand full of bands who blew my socks off when they started playing, who I was lucky enough to see last year. I cannot wait for them to release/share their music because I just feel it that they're going to be massive.

5. Rodents - This 4 piece punk band from Bury have a sound that picks you up, thrashes you around and then spits you out wanting more. One of my favourite tracks last year was their first release Mad Fer It. I cannot wait to see more from them and if their debt single is anything to judge them by then the future is bright for this band.

6. Hurray For Tuesday - One of the most fun interviews I did last year and I had to contact them after seeing them live because again this band blew me away. Despite being in full time employment, or at college the band still find time to gig most weeks. Their work ethic is something to be in awe of and if you love a band that is authentic, plays great tunes and has fun doing it then you're gonna love these guys. Their live shows have a fantastic following and I cannot wait to see them again.

7. Fling - They've been championed by the likes of Steve Lamacq, 6 Music and Radio X and having seen them live it's no surprise. A group of amazingly talented musicians who bring a scintillating performance when they play live. I expect them to play to even bigger crowds and venues this year.

8. Afternoon People I've met the lads twice, the first time when I was interviewing another act. Listening to them they seem to pick up where The Farm, The LA's left the 90's. One single released so far but mark my words they have all the ingredients to succeed.

9. Talk Show With a live set that will leave you gasping for more. When I saw them in June last year I wrote that they had punk, funk and bags of spunk They've been growing in popularity gigging a lot in London over the last few years and it's no real surprise. Their last release Ankle Deep (In a Warm Glass of Water) was just brilliant.

10. Jamie Webster - The Scouse singer/songwriter has songs you cannot help but relate to describing himself as a documenting the struggles and escapes of working class life, his Liverpool accent and heartfelt lyrics add to his appeal. He's a genuinely nice lad, a hell of a performer live and I'm excited to hear more from him.

11. Purple Heart Parade - I've gotten to know PHP through mutual friends and the more I see them perform live the more I love them. They signed a record deal towards the end of last year and their EP launch performance was the best I saw them play. I wrote then that Purple Heart Parade perfectly encapsulate what working hard, believing in yourself and following your dreams can do. Expect great things from this band in the next 12 months.

12. The Battery Farm - Manchester's gutter punks have released 3 tracks so far each one a dark, gut wrenchingly brilliant take on the subject matter. Their live shows have incredible energy and they're gaining a growing reputation as one of the best punk acts in Manchester. I'd also recommend you watch their videos for their releases because they're as dark and mesmerising as the music is - intensely brilliant!

13. Tinfoils - Born in Yorkshire but made in Manchester Tinfoils are a fast paced, garage punk band who's live set is as intense as their music. I saw them support Sheafs last year and more people were wearing Tinfoils t-shirts than the headliners. They start the new year with a headlining gig on January 11th at Gullivers in Manchester and I know it's going to be amazing. See you down the front!

14. Bugeye - A super sonic mash up of electro/indie/punk the ladies had released 2 singles last year with Electric and Hey You both bloody brilliant! They release their debut album this year and I'm very excited. Here's hoping they tour as well because I want to see this sensation band perform live.

15. Calva Louise - The band released 2 EP's last year Interlude For The Borderline Unsettled which includes the absolute banger Belicoso as well as the album Rhinoceros which is as equally impressive. They toured heavily in 2018 have 2 dates set for this year so far in Leeds and Ciermont Ferrand. It's punk/grunge heaven!

16. JCK - JCK are a band who impressed me with their philosophy as much as their music last year. When I interviewed frontman Jack he said, "I want people who come and see us to feel like that ( you can just dance and don't have to know all the words). I don't want them to feel like they have to know all the words". I saw them in June last year and then in November and the improvement in their playing and performance was there to see. They're like nothing else around and again their energy just fizzes when they play. An extraordinary sound.

17. Sheafs - Taking their name from the river that runs through their home city Sheafs are another punk rock band leading the revival of the punk era in the north. I've never seen an energy like it in one of Manchesters smallest venues, it kicked off but in the good way! Pure, Raw, and Dazzling! They have an incredible following and a few absolutely banging anthems already.

18. Peaness - Sunshine laden indie-pop and a great energy live make this 3 piece band another I really loved seeing last year. Music should be good but also fun and they bring fun by the barrel load. They're playing a headline tour that stops off in Manchester on my birthday weekend and I'm going because I can't think of a much better present to myself!

19. Suave Martyrs - Already championed by Indie Fm this Manchester indie band with glimpses of psychedelic riffs, are another band that is getting gig goers excited up north. They bring tremendous live show so expect to see more excitement around them in the next twelve months.

20. Juliper Sky - They have a sound that for me is a transcending, psychedelic gorgeousness. Despite only having 3 singles released so far they've already been featured on Spotify's Indie List and Your Office Space playlists. Their last single Waves brought tears to my eyes when I heard it, it's that beautiful. This band are remarkable.


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