Vistas, Paris Youth Foundation & Callow Youth - Thursday 30th May 2019

Updated: May 6, 2020

The Vistas are one of those bands that when you hear their songs you're drawn to the heady days of your youth, reminiscing about friends, sunshine and dancing until the early dawn. I always look forward to gigs, music is my religion. But I couldn't wait for this one.

I arrived 20 minutes before the doors opened and as the queue built up I soon realised that I was the oldest by around 25 years! That didn't bother me at all, but these bands have a young, enthusiastic following, meaning that the queue was buzzing with excitement.

Manchesters excellent Callow Youth, started us off and whilst the place was half empty (I never get these people who don't see the support); these lads gave it their all.

Slick licks, groovy sometimes funky bass, and lyrics about everyday stuff gives this band their sound. I loved it. For me these lads are clearly influenced by the likes of Sea Horses, The Stone Roses, Artic Monkeys and other great northern guitar bands. You can clearly hear their Northern identity through their singing and lyrics.

If this band keeps going, they're going to go far. Trust me.

Next up was Paris Youth Foundation (PYF) and by now the place was pretty full. I'll be honest and admit I had only heard one of their tracks before this gig. But as always happens with the support bands and me, these guys blew me away. 5 lads on a very small stage didn't leave them much room, but that didn't detract from their set or this performance in any way. They started with the very beautiful Look What You Started and you could feel the love for this band and by the time they were onto their third and my favourite of theirs If You Wanna, the place was jumping and the mosh pit had started.

They're all very talented players and remind me a little of Viola Beach in terms of their chord progression and guitar sound. Their lyrics and harmonies are really beautiful so a six song set wasn't really enough. The best support bands always leave you wanting more. I took loads of pictures so enjoy the gallery and video of If You Wanna.

The twenty minutes between PYF and Vistas flew and the DJ played some blinders in-between the sets. Parklife, She Bangs the Drums and Heaven is a Halfpipe (oh the memories), played out and despite my being the one of the few in their to be around when these songs were first released, everyone was singing and dancing.

As Vistas took to the stage everyone was up for a uplifting, happy and dance your tits off set and these lads didn't disappoint.

Starting with Hold Me, Sign Language then Strong Swimmer before their new single Maybe to be released later this year (video below), then onto their latest single Like an American, before Medicine and others.... They said they didn't do this leaving and coming back on stage shite (we all laughed) and they ended with Retrospect (anthem masterpiece) and Tigerblood.

The lads played with an illusive energy but make no mistake their energy is enchanting. Captivating guitar riffs, great indie beats and funky bass lines make this band so memorable. You'll be as hooked after the first listen as I was.

They also stayed behind afterwards to sell their merchandise, sign stuff, pose for pictures and have a chat with anyone who wanted to.

Music is more than enjoyment. It's unity. Its freedom. It's expressing ones inner most self and sharing that experience with others.

Pure, raw and insanely talented.

Vistas deserve all the accolades they receive.

See you in Manchester Academy 3 in October lads!




Callow Youth


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