Walking on Cars & Hollow Coves - Sunday 19th May 2019.

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

Manchester was buzzing on a beautifully sunny Sunday evening on May 19th 2019.

Whilst some would’ve been nursing hangovers after Manchester City’s FA Cup win and domestic treble winning triumph, I was heading to my second gig in consecutive days.

In all honesty I hadn’t listened to Hollow Coves before the night, but my goodness I feel so privileged to have seen them whilst they're still so early in their career.

Whilst most of the audience where chatting (at one point, they even asked the crowd to stop for a quieter number)! This didn’t deter them in delivering a really beautiful set of songs.

Absolutely stunning harmonies, joyful acoustic guitars and songs about taking opportunities when they present themselves, to waterfalls and mountains, it was a perfect sunny Sunday evening set.

They mentioned they‘re working on an album due for release and they’re going to be touring the UK again when they do. I will be there to see them again. Defo.

Walking on Cars took to the stage just before 9pm and the venue was packed, the atmosphere hot and buzzing. The audience was all ages, teens with parents, older teens, couples young and old.

They have a mass appeal and sometimes bands like this are overlooked by some music lovers due to their popularity.

I hadn’t purchased my ticket until the Thursday before, but when my friend who has great taste in music shared her experience on Facebook I took the plunge, and I’m so glad I did.

Their songs are anthemic, sing along and above all uplifting. Music isn’t just about the noise. It’s about the emotional relationship you have with the lyrics and their own personal meaning.

Again I hadn’t listened to these guys as much as everyone else had at this gig. That afforded me the opportunity to look at everyone else’s reactions.

You could feel the love in the air for this band. For me that’s music is about.

Losing yourself in the emotion of the personal significance of the songs.

This band is well loved and believe me, they definitely have a new fan.


Hollow Coves

Walking on Cars


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